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Regular Septic Pumping

Our team at Warranty Septic understands the importance of regular septic pumping to keep your system functioning properly. In Washington state, it is recommended to pump your septic system every 3 to 5 years, depending on usage. Factors such as the size of your family and how often you use a garbage disposal can affect how often your system needs to be pumped.

How Your Septic System Works

Septic tanks range in size from 750 to 1500 gallons for most homes. All of the drains in the house including the sinks, showers, toilets and laundry lead to the septic tank. From here, the liquid effluent exits the tank and flows to the drainfield (or is pumped to the drainfield via a pump tank). The most common drainfield consists of a series of trenches containing perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, and covered with dirt. The effluent entering the drainfield is absorbed and treated by the soil.

It is normal for a septic tank to maintain a liquid level of 6-8″ from the top of the tank, even if it was recently pumped. When waste enters the tank, some will float to the top, forming a scum layer. Paper products and lighter substances remain here until bacteria decomposes them. The liquid effluent remains in the center portion of the tank. The material that the bacteria decomposes eventually sinks to the bottom of the tank, forming a sludge layer. It is ideal to pump out the sludge before it can reach the drainfield where expensive damage can occur.

Common Signs of Septic System Trouble

Be sure to contact us ASAP if you notice any of the following:

  • Effluent surfacing from the ground, or soft spots in the drainfield
  • Slow flushing toilets, or sewage backup in the house
  • Septic odors inside the house
  • Sewage flowing back into the shower or bathtub drains
  • Bubbling sounds coming from the toilet

Note: some of these warnings are also signs of a blockage in the line, as well.

Dos and Don’ts of Septic Tank Care

Proper care of your septic tank should include:

  • Knowing where your tank(s) and drainfield are located
  • Pumping your septic tank every three to five years
  • Practicing water conservation
  • Diverting runoff away from your drainfield
  • Not constructing anything over your drainfield
  • Not parking or driving cars over your drainfield
  • Being careful what you flush into your septic tank
  • Inspecting your system every year
  • Don’t put additives into your septic system
  • Use all cleaning products sparingly (especially bleach)
  • Repair leaking faucets and toilets quickly

Everything that goes down any drain in the house ends up in the septic tank. Therefore, it is vital that you flush only biodegradable materials down your toilet. The only paper product that should be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper! Even if a non-toilet paper product states that it is safe for septic, it should not be flushed. Collect cooking oils, fats, and grease in a container and dispose of it with your trash. Compost food scraps, or dispose with your trash. Food byproducts accelerate the need for septic pumping and increase maintenance.

Also, don’t flush dangerous and damaging substances into your septic system, such as:

  • Flammable or toxic products
  • Pesticides
  • Paint or paint thinner
  • Excessive amounts of bath or body oils
  • Cigarette butts
  • Feminine products
  • Condoms
  • Cooking grease
  • Medicines

The important operation and maintenance steps itemized above can significantly extend the life of your septic tank system. These steps are not difficult. If you do them regularly, you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of repairing a system that has broken down prematurely.

Warranty Septic
Warranty Septic
Warranty Septic

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