How often should my septic tank be pumped?

Unless you have a large family, an abnormally high water usage, or use a
garbage disposal, pumping every three years should be adequate.

How do I find my septic tank?

Depending on the age of your septic system, King County Health
Department may have an as-built on file; an as-built (or records drawing) is a
drawing of your septic system. You may contact them by phone at (206)
296-4932 or by following the links on their

To eliminate digging for future septic maintenance, we recommend installing
risers on your septic tank lids. They can be installed either above the ground
or just below the surface.  They are locking, and gas tight. They eliminate
virtually all the labor involved with pumping and maintaining the septic tank
and promote regular maintenance.  

In both types of installation, the cost of having the risers installed verses the
cost of the labor to uncover them each time - not to mention the
back-breaking pain of doing it yourself - they will usually pay for themselves.

Feel free to contact us for referrals to companies that sell and install risers.

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How do I know how many lids I have?

If your home was built after 1972 (or if the septic system has been replaced),
you probably have a two-compartment tank, with two covers. Both of these
will need to be accessible. Both compartments of the tank will need to be
serviced. If you have a pump tank, there will be an additional lid.

Are there any additional charges for dump fees or travel?

Dump fees are included in the price of pumping, as are travel fees.

Do you clean and inspect the baffles?

We clean and inspect the baffles. This is included in the pumping fee.

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Is the pump tank pumped as well as the septic tank?

If you have a pump tank with sludge in it, the pump tank must be pumped
along with the septic tank. If the pump tank goes without pumping, it will
eventually fill with solids and create problems.

My driveway is steep, and my septic tank is in the back yard.
Can you still service my system?

Our truck can service most homes, and we carry extra hose for difficult to
reach tanks. If you're concerned about access to your home or septic, feel
free to contact us.
(425) 888-9333
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